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ASACP 30 In 30 Summer Fundraiser Challenge

LOS ANGELES (August 2, 2017) — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is holding its 2nd annual summer fundraiser where we challenge the industry to help us raise 30 thousand dollars in 30 days.

Founded in 1996 ASACP has provided its globally recognized Child Exploitation Tipline for webmasters and the public to anonymously report suspected child exploitation online since 1996, with its member sites linking to this very active Tipline that processes thousands of reports monthly. Verified “Red Flag” reports are forwarded to the FBI, NCMEC, and European Child Exploitation Tiplines, as well as several other relevant authorities, for further action. Not only is it the world’s only completely anonymous place to report online child exploitation - it is also one of the world’s busiest - processing well over one million reports to date and making a positive difference in countless children’s lives.

The Tipline is funded by ASACP’s sister organization, the ASACP Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that also funds the Restricted To Adults (RTA) website meta label that works with content filtering software to provide effective, free protection against exposure to age-inappropriate materials. Contributions to the ASACP Foundation are tax deductible for American businesses and may also provide tax benefits to overseas firms.

In addition to its Child Exploitation Reporting Tipline and the award winning, internationally recognized RTA meta label, ASACP provides digital media companies with a set of market-specific Best Practices, as well as a formal Code of Ethics, plus a list of known key words that denote child exploitation translated into 25 languages, and more. Other outreach materials include parental guidelines and child protection resources that have an international appeal.

ASACP accomplishes so much, with so few resources, due to the dedication of its small, close-knit staff, including Executive Director Tim Henning; Operations Director Erege Macis and Membership Manager Dawn Yagielowicz but we cannot do what we do without you! ASACP enjoys and is extremely grateful for the support of the adult entertainment industry, proving that the legitimate companies that make up this business are very committed to protecting children in their digital lives.

ASACP’s ongoing successes have resulted in widespread media coverage and accolades from numerous civic, governmental and private sector groups due to its initiatives and its role in the closing of countless illegal websites engaged in the sexual exploitation of children.

ASACP’s governmental outreach in the U.S. and abroad benefits its supporters while making a tangible difference in child protection by providing data and resources to law enforcement, legislators, policy makers and stakeholders, including the U.S. Congress and Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee, the FBI, U.S. Customs, Interpol, plus the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography.

Today, ASACP continues to develop new initiatives for keeping pace with our fast-changing technological environment and the significant challenges it presents. From mobile devices to virtual reality and beyond, ASACP is committed to making technology safe for children while preserving the freedoms of consenting adults — a mission it can only continue with generous financial and material support.

Please help us to continue to help you, children and parents worldwide by meeting our challenge. We exist on so very little and need your vital help today. Please visit the ASACP website to make a donation or contact us to become a member, sponsor or raise your existing level of support. The fundraiser will run through until September 1st, 2017 and ASACP will announce the results at that time and recognize all those who generously contribute to the fundraiser in an official press release.

For more information, visit ASACP.org or email tim@asacp.org.


Founded in 1996, ASACP is a non-profit organization dedicated to online child protection.

ASACP is comprised of two separate corporate entities, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection and the ASACP Foundation. The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. ASACP manages a membership program that provides resources to companies in order to help them protect children online.  The ASACP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The ASACP Foundation battles child pornography through its CP Reporting Hotline and helps parents prevent children from viewing age-restricted material online with its Restricted To Adults (RTA) website label (www.rtalabel.org). ASACP has invested 21 years in developing progressive programs to protect children, and its relationship in assisting the adult industry’s child protection efforts is unparalleled. For more information, visit www.asacp.org.