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ASACP Publishes RTA Website Labeling Progress Report

Los Angeles, CA (November 3, 2010) — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has released a paper (http://rtalabel.org/rtapaper/rta-label-paper-final.pdf) detailing the ongoing success of its Restricted to Adults (RTA) website labeling system. ASACP launched RTA in November 2006 and currently more than 14 million adult content web pages use the RTA tag and there are over 6.5 billion monthly visitors to pages labeled with RTA.

RTA (www.rtalabel.org) is the adult entertainment industry’s initiative to prevent children from viewing online content that is age-restricted. It was developed by ASACP (www.asacp.org) out of a need for an easy to use and internationally recognized label that designates content as being suitable for adults only.

The RTA label is a unique string of “meta data” which can easily be inserted into the computer code of any website’s HTML or mobile app offering. If parents have installed parental filtering software and/or setup the features in Microsoft or Apple operating systems, children are prevented from viewing age-restricted content.

The RTA Report just happened to coincide with WRAP week, the annual White Ribbon Against Pornography campaign. Enough Is Enough president Donna Rice Hughes stated, “Kids accidentally (and intentionally) access a wide array of pornography (soft-core, illegal obscene adult pornography and child pornography) in the privacy of their homes or through any Internet enable device.”

Rice Hughes makes no mention of “legal adult entertainment,” and its efforts, but rather seeks to falsely tie-in child pornography with the legitimate adult industry — something that most valid research including ASACP’s recent whitepaper ‘ASACP Hotline Report: Online Child Pornography Data and Analysis’ disprove - http://asacp.org/whitepaper/ASACP-whitepaper-9-10-2010.pdf

“The success of the RTA labeling initiative shows that proactive steps taken by the adult entertainment industry, coupled with technological solutions and parental supervision of children’s internet and mobile use, is a highly effective means of keeping children away from age-restricted material,” stated ASACP VP Technology and Forensic Research, Tim Henning. “In fact, just this week, we announced the first-of-its kind RTA Label/Filter for Android Mobile App software.”

The ASACP RTA program was honored by the American Society of Association Executives and the Center for Association Leadership by being named the 2008 overall winner of the Associations Make a Better World award. ASACP has received Certificates of Recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives, California State Senate, California State Assembly, and the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, West Hollywood, and Redondo Beach acknowledging ASACP’s efforts to help parents prevent their children from viewing age-restricted content and educating the public with Public Service Announcements (http://www.youtube.com/ASACPRTA).

Founded in 1996, ASACP is a non-profit organization dedicated to online child protection. ASACP comprises of two separate corporate entities, the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection and the ASACP Foundation. The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. ASACP manages a membership program that provides resources to companies in order to help them protect children online. The ASACP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The ASACP Foundation battles child pornography through its CP Reporting Hotline and helps parents prevent children from viewing age-restricted material online with its Restricted To Adults (RTA) Website Label. ASACP is the only association in the world that coordinates the adult entertainment industry’s efforts to protect children online. It has spent more than 14 years creating progressive programs to protect children. ASACP’s relationship in assisting the adult industry’s child protection efforts is unparalleled.

Companies and individuals interested in supporting ASACP may visit www.asacp.org for more information on how to get involved. A copy of the RTA Report is available for download at www.rtalabel.org.